Do I need a Visa?

All foreign nationals entering the People’s Republic of China must travel on a valid passport with some type of Chinese Visa.

1. Entering Mainland China: pre-stamped Tourist Visa is required for US passport holders.

2. Entering Hong Kong and Macao ONLY: Visa can be obtained at the time of entrance for US passport holders. If you are entering Mainland China through Hong Kong or Macao, a Tourist Visa is also mandatory.

3. Holding a passport from a third country other than the US? Please contact us.

Why Mag Vacations

1. Reliable Service
For security reasons after 9-11, the Chinese Embassy and Consulate in the United States no longer accept mailing applications.
To get a Chinese Visa, applicants are required to come to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate office, or entrust a third party to
apply for the visa in person, be it a relative, a friend or a legitimate visa agent. Mag Vacations have been working with the Chinese
Consulates in the US for over 10 years. Our Visa specialist submits your applications in person everyday and has never failed to
get the visa for our clients.

2. Hassle-free

Due to the large number of applicants every day, it can be time-consuming for anyone to wait in line and get a visa in person. Not
to mention the extensive time you may be doing research in finding out which visa to get, what documents are needed and how
long it could take, the process is definitely not enjoyable. We know how valuable your time is. Therefore, we minimize the process
by giving you clear instructions in the first place and taking care of the rest of the work.

3. Cost Saving

Mag Vacations offers convenient visa application service at reasonable price. Service charge is $60 and $90 per passport for
regular and rush service respectively. That is approximately 30% less expensive as compared to most online companies or local

4. Personal Service

With Mag Vacations’ simple online request, your Chinese Visa Application cannot be any easier. We provide clear step-by-step
instructions, as well as a preparation check list. A unique case tracking number keeps you posted on the status of your application.
In addition, you are backed up by our experienced Chinese Visa specialists. They will not only make sure everything is right on
track by proof-reading your application and supporting documents beforehand , but also capable of answering any questions in a
timely manner. Before sending the passport back to you after getting a pre-stamp visa, you will be notified and need to confirm
your mailing address.

5. Efficient Processing

Passports turn-in and pick-up on daily basis, 5 days a week. Any package received before 4pm central time on a regular business
day will be reviewed carefully. You will be contacted for missing documents or if nothing is mistaken, it will be turned in to the
consulate on the next business day. Once your passport is back to us, it will be mailed to you by a secure and fast carrier with
trackable confirmation on the same day..

How to Apply?

We have a dedicated website for your Chinese Visa needs, please follow THIS LINK to submit your online visa application.

The procedure is simple:

1. Follow the screens and submit an online Chinese Visa application request.

2. Receive a confirmation number. You may use this number to track on the status of your application later.

3. Prepare for the following items: (You will be given a check list after completing the online request.)

A) Your Orginal Passport. Your passport must be at least 6 month valid from the date of your return from China and has at least one blank page left. If you 'll need another visa to enter another country for the same trip, you'll have to have at least two blank pages left in the same passport.

B) One Passport Photo. The photo must be 2 inch by 2 inch, in color. Photocopies are NOT accepted.

C) Official China Visa Application Form. One form per applicant. It must be typed in, printed out and signed for. Handwritten application would NOT be accepted.

D) Other Documents. If the applicant is a Chinese American, under 21 years old, and has never applied for nor been
approved for a China Visa before, the following documents must also be provided:
- A copy of the data page of his and her parent's passports;
- A copy of the valid immigration status certificate ( e.g. H1B1 or F1 approve letter, Green Card etc.) of the applicant's
parents if they are not a US citizen.
- A copy of the applicant’s Birth Certificate.

E) Supporting Documents. For Tourist Visa, you will need a tour itinerary including round trip air tickets booking records and hotel reservations. For other types of China Visa, please refer to China Visa Requirements or contact us.

4. Fees and Payments. We accept checks, cash, wire transfers and major credit cards (Visa, Master, American Expres and Discovery)

Your Total Cost = Consulate Fee + Service Fee + Return Shipping



Consulate Fee

Service Fee

Return Shipping

  • US Passport
  • 5 Working Days
  • $140
  • $50
  • US Passport
  • 48 Hours
  • $160
  • $80
  • Non-US Passport
  • 5 Working Days
  • TBA*
  • $50
  • Non-US Passport
  • 48 Hours
  • TBD*
  • $80
  • Canadian Passport
  • 5 Working Days
  • $80
  • $50
  • Canadian Passport
  • 48 Hours
  • $100
  • $80
Your choice of return shipping. Cost to be deter- mined at the time of online request.

*Depends on your choice of validity.

5. Send all documents listed above and payments to Mag Vacations using a secure carrier. We do NOT recommend USPS regular
mail or first class service. Please be acknowledged that it is your own responsibilities if your mail is lost or delayed due to third
party reasons.
6. We will take care of the rest of the application process.

Common Questions:

Is it the time to get a Chinese Visa now?

According to the latest Chinese Tourist Visa policy (last updated on Nov 01, 2013), the best time to apply is between 45 to 60 days before your departure. Please always pay attention to the expiration date of your passport as its validity cannot be less than six months from the date of your return if you would like to apply for a Chinese Visa.

How long would it take?

Your Total Application Time = Shipping + Handling Time + Process Time + Return Shipping Process Time refers to the time your visa is being processed by Chinese Consulates, excluding Mag Vacations’ handling time. If
your passport is received by 4pm and all required documents are complete, they will be submitted on the next business day. In
general, it would take approximately 2 weeks to get a Chinese Visa with regular service, and as soon as 4 business days with rush service.

How many entries could I get?

- If you have been issued a Chinese Visa before, you can now get One Year Multiple Entry Visa, with a maximum stay of up to 90 days for each entry.
- If this is your first time going to China, you can get One Entry (Single Entry) Visa with a maximum stay up to 90 days, or you can
get a Six Months Multiple Entry Visa with a maximum stay of up to 90 days for each entry. If you don't specify on your visa application form, the maximum stay is only 30 days for each entry.
- If you want to stay longer than 90 days, the maximum stay is 6 months, but will be Single Entry Visa only.
- Every time you plan to enter Mainland China from a new country, you'll need a Chinese Visa.

I have more questions.

Please refer to Questions and Answers or contact us.


Mag Vacations will do our utmost to help you obtain a Chinese Visa; However, it’s at the Chinese consulate’s discretion as to how many entries or length of validity you will get. They also have the rights to deny a visa application for any reasons. In this case NO REFUND will be issued for applications denied by China Embassy and Consulate. MagVacations is NOT responsible for any mail lost, damaged or delay due to any third party reasons.
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